IT Roadmap and planning

IT Roadmaps and Planning

Achieving the desired level of computer and network performance is about identifying the best long term solution through IT strategic planning. IT Planning considers all aspects of your work environment, pressures placed on hardware, data and network systems and external threats to provide a clear and concise road map of system requirements and investment.

To ensure IT strategy is executed smoothly and with minimal downtime, our team work hard to develop strategic roadmaps to communicate their direct impact on the business.

Involved IT can deliver strategic planning services for your specific business, catering for existing activity through to future growth requirements. This approach provides a platform for future CAPEX budgeting and system acquisition compliance (standardisation).

Involved IT are adept at finding ways to improve business performance through technology. We spend the time to become completely immersed in our customers’ worlds, understanding their business almost as well as their CEOs and CIOs do. We use our IT sector’s knowledge and expertise to make recommendations that perfectly fit our customers’ business strategies. We aren’t hesitant to challenge assumptions or ask those difficult questions to investigate the areas nobody likes to think about.

We ensure you benefit from focused and completely impartial and pragmatic advice when it comes to technology. We will do what is best for your business and will never recommend a solution just because we have software or technology skills in that area. Involved IT has a rich and providing understanding of new and emerging technologies which helps improve staff productivity.

Project management and budgeting

Project Management and Budgeting

A great business idea or technical design will not by itself lead to a successful project. Projects are hard to do - the ambiguity, uncertainty and changes they bring about can be unsettling for those involved and those impacted. Project governance, planning, scope control, business change management, risk management and communication are just some of the skills needed. We combine this project skillset with business acumen, experience and drive to successfully deliver any project (or a whole programme of projects). Following an assessment of the current environment, we can guide you through creating a robust business with a realistic budget which demonstrates clear tangible benefits.

We work hard to provide businesses with innovative, cost-effective and robust solutions on time and well within budget. Involved IT takes complete ownership of the project and works hard to ensure the agreed goal gets achieved using our skills and experience to drive forward even the most complex projects and programmes of work. We understand agile and waterfall and any hybrid in between and work directly for clients or third parties to ensure successful delivery.

Whether we are supporting a poorly project back on track or setting out on a greenfield programme of work, our project/programme managers can plan, manage, rescue, mitigate and lead a team to deliver proven exceptional results.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

We can deliver technology due-diligence by partnering seamlessly with your legal, commercial and financial teams to appraise and mitigate the risks technology presents to the deal. Involved IT plan and execute the organisation’s integration or migration whilst providing an impartial team to lead and advise technology projects. Involved IT will assess/advise IT considerations at the start of the due-diligence stage, ensuring the project delivers on time and budget while maintaining key business value.

Involved IT has experience in technology and business across sectors as diverse as education and finance. We can rapidly deploy specialists in M&A to provide business consulting, technology and cyber resilience capability.

We can help if you’re planning to sell your business and need help assessing your readiness; thinking of acquiring a company to drive growth, or you’re an investor looking to buy into a new business. We will work with you in partnership, and ensure we will always tell you the truth you need to hear and challenge the status quo when you need it.

Technical design and implementation

Technical Design and Implementation

Cloud and IT Infrastructure Technology

At Involved IT, we believe that your investment in Cloud or physical infrastructure should add real value to your business. We ensure that any upfront investment in new technology must satisfy a business need or resolve a business problem. Our experience and knowledge of Cloud, on-premise or hybrid technologies will enable us to tailor a design and solution that meets your requirements, ensuring futureproofed technology for years to come. Our primary objective is to reduce your IT service cost, ensuring it provides a return on your investment whilst delivering IT that aligns to your core business strategy. Our experienced team will partner with you to understand your business to create the perfect blend of technology.

Cyber Security

In today’s world, all businesses need to ensure that critical data remains protected from an evolving landscape of cyber threats. Protecting your business’ vital information doesn’t need to start with expensive technology but rather a focus on getting the necessary security policies in place first. Involved IT take a pragmatic approach to information security by examining people, processes and technology. We will work with you to design, implement and optimise security processes and platforms that fit your business. We will help you identify where your risks are and empower your teams to make security part of their everyday culture. We do this using a fusion of staff awareness, ransomware protection and “zero trust” architecture.

IT relocation

IT Relocation

Whether your entire business is relocating or a single department is moving across a room, Involved IT offers a high level of care and technical expertise for your IT equipment move, including the ability to plan and manage the whole process for you. We can work with your existing IT teams to ensure a smooth handover and full documentation of services post-move to keep IT operations working effectively after the move has completed.

Our core IT relocation services include:

Our core IT relocation services include:

  • Survey & inventory identification
  • Provisioning/migrating internet services (WAN) and Telephony systems
  • Relocation summary and timelines
  • Asset tag, dismantle and secure pack
  • Provide fully insured freight sensitive transport
  • Assemble, connect, test and resolve
  • Provide interim secure storage facilities

We work with you to ensure servers, racks, computers, phones, faxes and printers are “ready to go” when your employees move in.

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